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Aftercare Advice
Aftercare Advice

    At the end of your treatment you will see slight redness and maybe a small amount of swelling around areas that have been specifically targeted (wrinkles, scars). This is normal and will reduce within a couple of hours. We strongly advise that you use a foundation or cream with SPF 30 or above. This will protect the skin during the regeneration phase. For optimum results at the end of your treatment we recommend that you:


  • Apply aftercare cream twice a day (morning and night) until the tube is finished.

  • Do not to scratch, rub or stimulate the skin immediately post treatment. Your skin may feel tighter. This is one of the indications that the treatment is working. If it feels uncomfortable, wash your hands and apply a small amount of aftercare cream.

  • Leave the treatment to absorb into the skin for at least 2 hours before applying make up. If you need to apply make up it is advisable to wear a mineral make up.

  • Leave the area to absorb product overnight and continue with your usual beauty regime the following day. If you need to remove any make up, please use warm water only, gently, on the areas that have been treated.