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MESO VYTAL with Needles
Meso Vytal is a newly available skin treatment that helps rejuvinate and revitalise your skin. The treatment offers a triple effect: disrupts and slows down wrinkle formation, stimulates natural collagen production, and boosts vitamin and mineral levels to improve the look of your skin.

The treatment begins with a skin peel, removing dead cells and stimulating your natural collagen production helping to fight against aging skin. The peel also prepares the skin for the application of the Meso Vytal serum. The serum provides a unique blend of vitamins and minerals alongside hyaluronic and amino acids helping to restore your skin by retaining moisture, evening skin surfaces, and boosting natural skin radiance. The serum is applied through a process called Micro-Needling. Micro-Needling helps the serum penetrate the outer layers of the skin, helping to deliver the serum to the vital intersections of the skin. This unique method of application helps the skin retain its moisture while providing the essential nutrients for optimal collagen production.

The inital treatment is a course of 6 sessions, 2 weeks apart. These treatments will kick-start your skins regenerative processes. It is recommended for follow up treatments to be scheduled between 4 and 6 weeks after the completion of the initial treatments. This is to maintain the skin's natural collagen production providing long lasting results.

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